Trans Theory and Social Chang

22 September, 2016


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Every week we upload a reading #LecturaSugeridaMD, relevant to the discussion that will take place in. Our intention is to open up, with an on-line community, the lines of discussion and reflection on that take place in the Mesa.

Keywords: body, queer theory, feminist theory, trans critical theory and social change. 

  • Namaste, Viviane. Against Transgender Rights: Understanding the Imperialism of Contemporary Transgender Politics.
  • Spade, Dean. Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law. South End Press, 2011. En Español aquí.
  • Vargas Cervantes, Susana “Alarma: Mujercitos performing gender in 1970s Mexico” En Trans* Cultural Production. Transgender Studies Quarterly. vol.1, no.4. Duke University Press.
  • Vasquez, Elizabeth. ‘Mi género en mi cedula’: un concepto nuevo por una puerta vieja. en Queering Paradigms V. Queering Paradigms of Modernity.

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