Mesa 02: The queer and feminist body in contemporary art

10 October, 2016



  • Clip 00: Presentation by Jessica Berlanga. Available here
  • Clip 01 : Introduction to Mesas De Diálogo. Brief resumen of Mesa 01. Susana Vargas. Available here
  • Clip 02: What works and does not work of the notion of queer? Ma. Amelia Viteri. Available here.
  • Clip 03: ¿How is queer and latino understood in migrational context as an identity and political position? Ma. Amelia Viteri. Available  here.
  • Clip 04: What works and doesn’t work of queer studies in Latin America?  Ma. Amelia Viteri. Available  here.
  • Clip 05: What is the relation between queer and visual studies? Amelia Jones. Available  here.
  • Clip 06: What is the relation between queer, performativity and visual studies? Amelia Jones. Available here.
  • Clip 07: What is queer feminist durationality? Amelia Jones. Available here.
  • Clip 08:Queer feminist durationality and migrational displacements.  Ma. Amelia Viteri y Amelia Jones. Available here.
  • Clip 09. Queer Ethics. Who decides what is queer ? queer bodies and queer performativity? Ma. Amelia Viteri y Amelia Jones. Available here.


Every week we upload a reading #LecturaSugeridaMD, relevant to the discussion that will take place in. Our intention is to open up, with an on-line community, the lines of discussion and reflection on that take place in the Mesa.

Mesa 02

Keywords: body, queer theory, feminist theory, art and feminism, contemporary art, sexualities and representation

  • Viteri, Ma. Amelia (2008), “Queer no me da: Traduciendo fronteras sexuales y raciales en San Salvador y Washington D.C.”. Estudios sobre sexualidades en America Latina, Flacso. Available on line here
  • Jones,  Amelia (2012), “Queer feminist durationality”,  Seeing differently. A history an theory of identification and the visual arts, Rutledge. Available on line here
  • Viteri, Ma. Amelia (2014), “Latino”and “Queer”as sites of translation: Intersections of “Race”, Ethnicity, Class and Sexuality en Desbordes: Translating Racial, Ethnic, Sexual and Gendered Identities across the Americas.  Sony University Press. Available on line here
  • Jones, Amelia (2003). “Body”,  Critical Terms for Art history,  Robert Nelson y Richard Schiff, University of Chicago press, 2003. Available on line here
  •  Viteri, Ma. Amelia (2009). Cuerpos/fronteras: La ruta, (FLACSO-ECUADOR). Documentary.  Available on line here
  • Jones, Amelia (2015).  “On sexism in the art world”.  Available on line  here
  • Viteri, Ma. Amelia , Salvador Vidal-Ortiz y José Fernando Serrano (2014). Resignificaciones, prácticas y políticas queer en América Latina: otra agenda de cambio social. Available on line here
  • Jones, Amelia (2015) “On sexism in the art world”.  Available on line here

If you want to suggest some reading or research you can reach us:


  • Marina Abramović, Beyoncé y el Neoliberalismo: una entrevista con Amelia Jones —Vice. Available on line here.
  • Feminismo en transformación — Gatopardo. Available on line here..